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Hunter Ruthven

Welcome to our dedicated Choosing the Right Supplier hub, with Total Gas & Power, where Real Business will be bringing together insightful content aimed at demystifying the overhead and fixed costs businesses encounter. From utilities to telecoms, we’ll be making the process simpler and smoother for SMEs.

From Total Gas & Power

Peter McLeod
Director - SME

At Total Gas & Power, we’re passionate about supporting SMEs.

We’ve been powering thriving businesses across the UK since 1987 and place the needs of business owners at the heart of everything we do.


They might not feel like the most exciting part of your day, but picking the wrong supplier and getting yourself tied into a bad contract can be a big problem down the line. Our Choosing the Right Supplier section looks at all manner of overheads (such as utilities, broadband and phone lines) essential for business owners and showcases what to avoid, how to negotiate and where small and medium-sized companies have gone wrong in the past. 


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